Ikat Silk Pillow Case

Ikat Silk Pillow Case

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Handwoven and hand-dyed silk velvet fabric is used for front of pillow cover.

Ikat fabrics are made in Uzbekistan with traditional hand looming and hand dyeing techniques, while using anatolian and middle eastern patterns.

As pillow fabric made from hand-dyed silk it makes them very valuable and unique.

Fabric: Ikat Silk, Velvet

Dimensions: 24 inch. Width, 18 inch Length


LeBonNton believes in supporting female artists and business owners from the United States and around the world and values sourcing all crafts with a fair-trade ethos.

Ikat fabrics have always been popular for their distinct style. One of the most popular trends in interior design today is ikat. It has very soft touch and accent colors which will add character to your homes with its unique and handmade features. It can be very valuable, luxury gift as well for whom you love.

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