About Us

Le BonNton is a family-owned business that opened in May of 2017. Owner and mother of two, Cigdem Turkomer, lived in Northampton during her student years and recently moved back to open her dream store. To contribute to the local community and share beautiful handmade products from around the world, Cigdem opened Le BonNton, which means "good manners and good style.”


Le BonNton will create a unique ambiance and customized concept for your events, parties, elopement, intimate picnics, bridal showers, dinner proposals, anniversaries and more anywhere from your own backyard to any outdoor romantic space. 

Le BonNton offers a plethora of international handmade products from all around the world including Peru, Istanbul, South Africa, and many more, and brings them together in one place to inspire everyone from passionate interior designers to locals just looking for a gift.

Le BonNton believes in supporting female artists and business owners from the United States and around the world. We believe that when someone makes something, they leave part of themselves inside it and our mission is to spread the creativity and love of these artists, bringing their energy directly to your home.


Please feel free to contact us at lebonnton@gmail.com for any partnership inquiries!