Wedding Design


   Le BonNton is delighted to share with you our ethically sourced collection of wedding textiles for wedding design and event decor such as table settings, guest/bridesmaid gifts, altar installments, seating and lounge arrangements, and more. Create your very own personal design that will make your wedding exclusive and cozy.  


   We provide custom linen table cloths for special events. According to your theme, we can provide anything you see in our shop from Turkish Cotton Towels, Blankets, Shawls, Robes and dazzling decorative items and more for all purposes. Elegant crisp white linen wedding tablecloths, handkerchief, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, and guest towels embroidered with the honored couple’s name, date & venue. 

   No matter the size or quantity, we’ll make just it for you! Personalized, embroidered linen made from only 100% natural premium quality linen fabric.

   Owner of and Designer at LebonNton, Cigdem Turkomer, is known for her beautiful sacred space creations. She is passionate about providing a personal, high quality service and a professional standard of workmanship and sources all decor from quality, sustainable, and fair-trade sources. 

   Let LebonNton take care of all your event design needs. We would absolutely love to help you with your next special occasion! 

Wedding Lounge